Epic Hero

Topics: Tress MacNeille, Villain Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Once upon a time, there was a goddess named Jasmine. She rose from the lands of Magic City. She was the main god. She ran Magic City. She had two children and a magical Lady Bug that could talk. Even though Jasmine looked like the modern everyday woman, she wasn’t. She had powers that she passed down to her children Jaidyn and Julanii. Julanii was only a baby. But Jaidyn was a teenager, 16 to be exact. The family lived in Magic City for years. But Jasmine thought it was time for them to go out in the “real” world. So they moved to Maryland. Jaidyn was enrolled into Fairmont Heights High School. But there was a specific reason why Jasmine wanted to move. She wanted to send Jaidyn on a quest of helping and saving people in any kind of danger. She wanted to test her superhero qualities. Jaidyn had many of them. She had the ability to fly, read people’s minds, invisibility, and she had super speed. Her first day of school went by, and she actually made a lot of new friends. As weeks went by Jaidyn began to love her new life. Until one day, her superhero abilities were tested. She was walking home after school. She walked passed an alley to get to her house. When suddenly she heard a female’s scream and a man yelled “Give me the money!” Jaidyn knew what she had to do, she had to help her. But she didn’t want to be seen. All she had to protect her identity was a ski mask in her book bag. Slowly she put it on and flew to the scene. The man released the woman from his arms and she ran out of the alley. Jaidyn fought off the criminal, tied him up, and called the cops. When the police arrived they praised Jaidyn for her good work and took the man too jail. Jaidyn was the talk of the town since that day. But no one really knew who she was. All they saw her as was a girl in a ski mask. She continued to keep her identity as a secret. When Jaidyn and her family were watching the news one day, she saw that they were talking about “The girl in the ski mask”. It’s not much she...
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