Environment and Identity

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dentity and Belonging Prompts
It is difficult to possess a sense of belonging when we are unsure of our own identity. Our identity determines where we belong.
Only upon reflection can we establish our identity.
Mistakes help shape our identity.
Everyone needs to feel a sense of belonging.
Sometimes one may feel satisfaction if they do not belong. Discovering our identity is a challenging journey.
Identity is never static.
Everyone struggles with their identity.
Others only see our true identity when we are confident with ourselves. We possess true identity when we belong to ourselves and not others. We find strength when we belong.
Identity is shaped by positive and negative experiences.
Our identity is never perfect; we must accept the good as well as the bad. We know our identity when we are happy with ourselves, not how people view us. Belonging relies on us forfeiting our individuality.

Our identity is influenced by how others view us.
Sometimes one’s sense of identity can cause more harm than good. Our belonging is not dependent on whether others accept us, but whether we accept ourselves. As long as we are confident with ourselves, then we will belong someplace. Belonging can be fulfilling and difficult at the same time. Belonging can trap and isolate us.

Some people sacrifice themselves in order to belong.
Role of relationships in identity and belonging
Our identity is shaped by our relationships.
Our sense of identity can be difficult for others to accept. Belonging to one group pushes us away from another group. We cannot belong to multiple groups.
Belonging can distort one’s identity.
Family and friends help us define our identity.
Our relationships help strengthen our identity.
Belonging is when people accept you for who you are.
Sometimes we can lose loved ones when we find our sense of identity and belonging. Relationships are an...

Links: with the real world that also connect with Skin:Refugees. Coming to Australia in search of a better life like Sandra, yet they are thrown into detention centres.
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