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Culture influences an individual’s attitude towards environment. Environment in this context refers to our physical surroundings and nature. Man’s attitude towards his immediate environment is largely based upon his cultural upbringings. Trompenar’s concept of attitude towards environment highlights how man controls nature by imposing his will upon it (reference).

Large organizations impact the nature and environment in many ways. Corporate Social responsibility has become a very important factor in an organization. Some companies hold environmental responsibility in a high regard, while some choose to close their eyes to it. This trend can be noticed when you compare organizations in first world countries with organizations in developing countries. Culture exists within an organization and influences the organizations attitude towards its environment. Companies in first world developed nations have a high level of corporate social responsibility as the culture in that region has a higher awareness towards the protection of the environment. This awareness is embedded in the culture and arises from the values of the people. This view is not existent in cultures in third world countries.

Third world countries are currently going through the phase of development and therefore the organizations cannot stress majorly on corporate social responsibility as it affects their profitability. This mindset is caused due to the cultural influence of always being the weaker nation. In their effort to strive to achieving success the individuals lack an inner-directed sense of responsibility towards the environment (reference). This attitude of the organizations that control the nation sometimes rubs onto the people and is reflected in their behaviour. I have personally scene this in two countries with contrasting cultures. The population in Mauritius tends emphasis more on protecting their environment, which could be instilled due to certain values...
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