Case Study for Environmental Protection

Topics: Biodegradation, Natural environment, Ethics Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Environmental protection and health concerns are a very important issue in today’s world as humans are corroding the environment at a very high pace. Each individual has a responsibility towards the environment, as we all are an integral part of the nature. The ethical issues we are facing towards the nature and environment will depict our future and our future generation’s potential. The ecological and the human health concerns should be the top priority as the extreme use of fossils fuels and non biodegradable products are harming the environment on the highest level. Methods corporate strategy and dedication to environmental values and health has helped itself to emerge as a shining player in the field of cleaning product industry. By using PLA as a substitute for the toxic substances in the cleaning products, Method is taking a new direction to improve the quality of its product and is taking another initiation developing the concern of its customer’s satisfaction. There are numerous ethical issues concerning the use of PLA in the Method line of products. The first ethical dilemma faced here is whether to import the PLA from china knowing the fact that it would consume more resources during transportation and would be less sustainable. Secondly, will the new Method product be accepted by the retailers in the global market in spite knowing that the product may contain genetically modified organism. Finally, in the long run which one would be a better option, to continue using the non biodegradable resources or to initiate a step toward the protection of natural resources? The above ethical issues we face will have an effect on many stakeholders around the globe as well as the nature. Being an environment friendly company, there are many obligations that company has to fulfil in order to achieve its motto of sustainable survival. The company’s image of environment protection would reach new heights as it has stretched its arms on a global level to maintain its...
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