Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur/Intrapretutorial Day: Monday

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Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Title: Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur/IntrapreTutorial Day: Monday

Executive Summary


The aim and objective of this report is to get the reader engaged with meaning of entrepreneurship, entrepreneur and Intraprenuer. Also to give examples of a successful entrepreneur and Intraprenuer so the person who reads this will understand in depth what position they hold and what they do in their respective firms. It is imperative that I make the reader aware of the differences and similarities of between being an entrepreneur and an owner- manager because you can easily get both these roles misunderstood. Lastly, I will discuss the possible reasons as to what gives the person the drive and determination to start their own business, because “the risk in starting something new will incur significant liabilities after your idean has been tested in the marketplace”(David Stokes and Nick Wilson, 2010, P.254).

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship at its sole meaning is the act of starting a business from scratch with a business idea, so this ensures you have a clear and well-structured idea of your actual business itself. “Nolan Bushnell, who founded Atari and Chuck E.Cheese, believes the key to becoming an entrepreneur is as simple as doing something” (Business News Daily June 2012). To be a successful entrepreneur, I would be believed all you need is your initiative and creativity, and for you to become aware of the calculated risk involved in setting up your new business. In addition, if you want long term success you will need to create a business idea that will solve the problems of that market and meet the needs of the customers too.
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