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1.0 Introduction
There are various types of white coffee are selling in the market currently. Therefore, I would like to share about my new brand of white coffee, Fah Sin white coffee. As we all know, this industry in Malaysia is well known, with different brands such as Old Town White Coffee, Nescafe White Coffee, Ipoh White Coffee and so many others. For this product that I am about to share, is it fully owned by myself. Therefore, this is a fully sole-proprietor company. Before we go any further, let us look through the history of white coffee. White Coffee is a native product of Malaysia. Malaysia Origin White Coffee is made of well-chosen Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and premium skim milk, processing in mild low-temperature baking and special process to remove the bitter and sour taste cause by high-temperature grilled, and minimize the caffeine, bitterness and sourness to the lowest without any additives added, outstanding aroma, gentle to stomach and retain the original color and flavor of coffee, the color is more softer than the regular coffee, light golden yellow with pure classical taste. The white coffee is a unique coffee drinks in Malaysia with about 100 years of history. White coffee doesn’t mean the color of coffee is white; it is made of well-chosen Liberica, Arabice and Robusta coffee beans, baking without caramel at direct low-temperature which takes 2.5 times longer than the high-temperature charcoal baking, and grind into coffee powder. It removes the scorch and sour taste cause by common high temperature fried and charcoal roasted, but retains the natural flavor and rich aroma of the coffee, memorable fragrant and smoothness. Gentle to stomach, do not get inflamed, low caffeine, pure mild quality, suits the requirements for modern taste of life with outstanding aroma. 2.0 General Macro Environment Elements.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the method of utilizing one’s individual creativity and inventiveness to bring in changes to an already existing business or to initiate a new business with a view to developing and expanding it and make it an economically profitable venture. To ensure that this new product could create a success and a new impact to the public, we have to study the ventures of environment assessment. The following diagram provides a clearer vision of the important parts of the assessment.

As an entrepreneur, we have to look closely at the factors that is surrounding in our society, in order to achieve the target sales that we plan. The macro environments include the major forces that act not only on the firm itself, but also on its competitors and on elements in the micro-environment. The macro-environment tends to be harder to influence than does the micro-environment, but this does not mean that firms must simply remain passive; the inability to control does not imply an inability to influence. Often the macro-environment can be influenced by good public relations activities. The main elements of the macro-environment are known as PEST, which means: P – Political and Legislation.

E – Economy
S – Socio-Cultural
T – Technology
2.1 Political and Legislation – Political factors often impact on business: recent examples are the worldwide movement towards privatization of former government-owned utilities and businesses, and the shift away from protection of workers’ rights. Firms need to be able to respond to the prevailing political climate, and adjust the marketing policy accordingly. For example, British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Telstra of Australia have all had to make major readjustments to their marketing approaches since being privatized, and in particular since seeing an upswing in competitive levels. Almost all the firms’ activities have been affected, from cutting the lead time between ordering and obtaining a new telephone, through to price competition in response to competitors’ cut-price long-distance and international calls. British...
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