Entrepreneur: Protecting the Idea and Other Legal Issues

Topics: World Poker Tour, Intellectual property, Patent Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Protecting the Idea and Other Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur Steve Lipscomb

I.Statement of the Problem

World Poker Tour Enterprises has become the most compelling market that harvest success but in the long run becomes the perfect representation to be the most difficult business models for which to provide any intellectual property protection for its many competitors that had almost copy its original tv series.

The patents pending mainly on the camera and graphics presentation of mainly World Poker Tour on another series on ESPN entitled World Series of Poker Circuit but resolution on the case have not been solved.

In its currents state, which is in recovery on loss of profits, the World poker Tour Enterprises must explore new possible opportunities that will enhance their marketability to audience and improve the possible outcome of gaining higher profits by enhancing strategy to become more competitive in its own way.

II.The Perspective


World Poker Tour Enterprises must focus more becoming known worldwide by building more casino locations, more series of poker tournaments, new products, higher stakes and also partnerships with different known channels that will enhance its global competitiveness.

III.SWOT Analysis

Fast growing
Strong brand image
Large scale operation
Good investment portfolio
Easy market penetrationLow return on equity
Limited by US legalities/ legal obligation
Declining operating margin
Less Intellectual Property ownership
Less Patent ownership on key ideas International expansion •Expanding local market
Key business in market
Increasing competitors in the market
Global Economic Slowdown
Risk in capital gains
Risk of international Operations

IV.Alternative Courses of...
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