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I. Introduction
Entrepreneurship is now valuable for growth, innovation and development within national economies. However, there are many differing opinions about what entrepreneurship is and what makes someone an entrepreneur. In Vietnamese society, people often define an entrepreneur as an innovator who accepts some sort of risks in the pursuit of their new venture. Thus in order to have a better understanding about “entrepreneur” as well as their motivation and challenges, this report will critically analyze a character – a Vietnamese young entrepreneur – Mr. Loc, Nguyen Van who is known as the founder of Aothun.vn Company. II. Company Profile

Aothun.vn is an innovative company that is not only selling T-shirts but also is the first firm in Vietnam that enabling people to design and decorate their own tees. They also allow customers to order custom printed T-shirts in large quantity from hundred to thousand (90% of the company revenue come from this activity), for instance, for student groups, bands, small businesses, corporations and more. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, with a modest investment of $2000, Aothun.vn purchased its own digital printing equipment from America. Mr Nguyen promises to bring high quality and unique “made in Vietnam” T-shirts to his target customers; several strategic partners of Aothun.vn including P&G, Unilever and Vietnam Airline. Furthermore, according to Her World magazine, 2010 with the help of web-based design system, Aothun.vn allows customers to decorate their clothes online, therefore, eliminate the time for proofs or delays for artwork revisions. The objective of this venture also focuses on encouraging self-expression among the youth, letting them freely express their characteristics through their designs and somehow helping them develop a scene of creativeness. (Aothun.vn, 2011) III. Entrepreneur Background

Mr Loc, Nguyen Van was born in 1984 base in Ho Chi Minh City. All of his brothers and sisters have master degrees but surprisingly, he was the only son that did not attain in any colleges and had not achieved any degrees. He just simply participated in several diploma programs from Vietnam National University including Information Technology training course for 2 years, Economic Specialist for 6 months, Public Communication and Network Administrator. He also took part in the Institute of Potential Leader Vietnam (IPL) which is a leadership training course organise by a group of Vietnamese entrepreneurs and other intellectuals. This program has a significant effect on him. They taught him how to become an effective leader, how to develop business idea and how to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, he took many part time jobs while studying ranging from selling fried sweet potatoes on the street to selling CDs online. At the age of 19, Mr Nguyen started a small online business and worked for a Singaporean partner, where he did outsourcing and marketing projects for 2 years. When Mr Nguyen was 21, he applied for FPT Vietnam and worked for them for 3 years in marketing division. However in 2008, he established...

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