Topics: Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Warren Buffett Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: April 15, 2013
What Motivates Entrepreneurs?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison and Amancio Ortega are all in a list of the world billionaires. What does these guy do? They are known as an entrepreneurs. Each of them have their own childhood memories. Some of them did not finish their school nor becoming best student among their friends. As I observe, the down fall of someone did not measured base on their performance back then. The measurement are as in this reality. The achievement had shown how well they did manage to become a successful person. Not only for their own benefit, but also for public or user base on their ideals. Their contribution give good impact not only to the nation but also for the world. As the world become a better place to live. The question is what motivates them to become someone in the industry? The entrepreneur possesses a level of commitment and a vision that are easily observed. They are inventive, aggressive, confident, tireless, competitive, and possess an intense level of focus. Best word to describe them are they are genuinely believe in what they are doing and thereby inspire others toward the same goal. Base on the article I do agree with the key factor that motivate the entrepreneurs. The key factors are wealth, intrinsic motivation, and social responsibility. Wealth, in my opinion is something that most of us dream off. Wealth give a great satisfaction after a great hard work. With wealth, it somehow give someone a power to control something they want. But the most important thing is how well do they spent the wealth. Some say that money can buy happiness but when there is no love how do they live in a peace. In other world, the used of the wealth itself can also benefit others. For example, a portion of money can be donate to the welfare. Furthermore, for the entrepreneurs, some portion of the wealth is to be kept for the sake of their generation. Living in this urban lifestyle can sometimes be very hard to control. This is...
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