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Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary4
2.0 Company Background6
2.1 Corporate Goals and Objectives6
2.2 General Company History6
2.3 Organizational structure7
2.4 Product and Service Analysis8
2.5 Company Profit Trend9
3.0 External Environment Analysis10
3.1 Political10
3.2 Economic10
3.3 Social10
3.4 Technological11
3.5 Legal11
3.6 Environmental11
3.7 Competitive Environment12
3.7.1 Inter-Company Rivalry12
3.7.2 Threat of New Entrants12
3.7.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers12
3.7.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers12
3.7.5 Threat of Substitute Services13
4.0 Internal Environment Analysis14
4.1 Resources14
4.1.1 Tangible Resources14
4.1.2 Intangible Resources15
4.2 Capabilities16
4.2.1 Inbound Logistics16
4.2.2 Operations16
4.2.3 Outbound Logistics16
4.2.4 Sales & Marketing16
4.2.5 Services16
4.3 Core Competencies17
5.0 SWOT17
6.0 Market18
6.1 Market Segmentation18
6.2 Target Market19
7.0 Competitors19
7.1 Primary Competitors19
7.2 Strengths of Competitors19
7.3 Weaknesses of Competitors19
8.0 Operational Plan20
8.1 Service Description20
8.2 Operational Layout22
8.3 Purchases forecast23
9.0 Human Resources Plan24
9.1 Manpower Planning24
9.2 Schedule of tasks and responsibilities24
9.3 Schedule of Remuneration (1 branch)25
10.0 Risk and Contingencies25
11.0 Financial Plan26
11.1 Sources of Finance26
11.2 Sale Forecast26

1.0 Executive Summary
ABX Express is a Bumiputra-owned company and started the business 26 years ago in Malaysia and Brunei and currently grown to 75 offices/service center. ABX Express provided delivery services cover on Malaysia and another 200 countries. It’s divided into domestic and international delivery. ABX Express could deliver the document or parcel within 3 days for domestic and 3-6 days for international delivery. ABX Express is the first Malaysia delivery company with Web site features that allowed customers to type their delivery barcode for checked the status of delivery. ABX Express is taking advantage of the wireless LAN technology by expediting the movement of shipping information from delivery workers’ terminals to a central database. ABX Express provided many benefits to its customers. The delivery industry, however, is one of extreme competition in Malaysia. Customers are very price sensitive, they usually just decide on the cheaper carrier. They usually want their package delivered from point A to point B for as cheap as possible with as soon as possible. In order to cater customer requirement, ABX Express provided cheap, efficient and confidential services to customers. ABX Express foresaw the importance of global shipping market. To be the standard global company such as SKYNET or DHL, the company will choose one of the development countries in Asia to expand the business. ABX Express foresaw the importance strategic trend of China shipping market. The delivery industry is not extreme competition in China. The company will invest extensively in China infrastructure to expand international services to China. China is predominantly exporting countries, and large exporter of the Malaysia. ABX Express built new branch in some of the most important areas of the China. The competitor advantage of the ABX Express is provided cheap, efficient and confidential services compare to other competitors. The investment extensively in China infrastructure is main strategies in the years to come.

2.0 Company Background
2.1 Corporate Goals and Objectives

The goal of the ABX express is to deliver the beyond satisfaction to the customer, stakeholder and themselves. There are 3 objectives to achieve the goal. * To be able to deliver to every address in Malaysia

* To be the best and biggest Domestic player
* To be among the top five express companies in Malaysia

2.2 General Company History
ABX Express is a Bumiputra-owned company...
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