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Managers Approach to Effective Productivity

Principles of Management


Managers Approach to Effective Productivity

The purpose of this paper is to explain the relationship between management and productivity. Research confirms that productivity is linked with time management and performance. They are essential traits in management. This paper first defines productivity and discusses how important it is in order keep up with customer demand. Then, it points out some key studies and results on quality, productivity, cost and profitability; which are presented and discussed. Finally, an area of vital importance that affects future performance and productivity is technology and how the last 20 years have been impacted by this development. This paper provides evidence to address the question: what is the manager’s approach to effective productivity and how do the variables mentioned above affect productivity?

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04Introducing Productivity

04Management Resources


06Time Management

07Profitability and Quality

08Employee Satisfaction



Managers Approach to Effective Productivity

What does productivity mean and what factors affect productivity? In today’s vast growing world, manager’s measure productivity in terms of the relationship between a given amount of output and the amount of input needed to produce it. In order to keep up with the demand of consumers and produce the company’s product in an effective and cost efficient matter without the lack of quality, managers must perform a juggling act. There are many productivity factors the company can manage. How well does the company utilize new knowledge; is it working at an economy-of-scale level; are the employees highly motivated and loyal or is there labor unrest and high worker turnover; are the company performance rates satisfactory; and finally, what is the overall quality of the company's management? And, if management sees productivity as a problem, is there a commitment to establish a company-wide Productivity Improvement Program? Management Resources

There are guides managers can implement within the company to help manage productivity. The guide, Workplace Productivity Improvement, helps with “Understand the concepts of productivity, efficiency and utilization.” This guide instructs on performance, time management, profitability and quality and how the drive for any one of the four must not interfere with the drive for the others. There are also external resources managers can reply upon, such as, Division of Productivity Research and Program Development (DPRPD), they work on strengthening and improving the U.S. Bureau Labour Statistics by measuring productivity and understanding the sources and effects of productivity and technical change. They gather data on labor costs that are available for the U.S. business sector, the nonfarm business sector, and the manufacturing sector. These are the productivity statistics most often cited in the news. Time Management

The role of a manager involves making sure their employees stay motivated and focused on the job. Not all projects finish within a day or week, at times projects can last months and even years, therefore it is important that the manager knows how productive their employees are being. Employee time management skills are learned skills. Some employees are well organized and efficient when is comes to time management and others need some assistance. Teaching employees time management can be accomplished by varies means. Adrienne F. Manson states in, Employee Time Management Tips For The Workplace Employers can opt for, “employers can opt for; time management classes, time management seminars, and/or time management workshops. Being...

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