Enterprise Resource Planning in Bangladesh

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ERP in Bangladesh:
Enterprise system promises to greatly change four dimensions of business: firm structure, management process, technology platform, and business capability. At present in Bangladesh, companies can use ERP to support organizational structures that were not previously possible or to create a more disciplined organizational culture. The working force or the employees in the country are not technologically sound enough to get adapted with ERP at this moment, which is a great constraint in ERP investment. But effective measures like training, organizational development, proper management and education can be helpful in the development of the digital firms in the country. Companies Using ERP in Bangladesh:

At present there are several companies in the country using ERP. It has become an increasing trend among the large companies. Some familiar companies in Bangladesh using ERPs are: CompanyBusiness typeERP Name

BOCOxygen gas supplierSAP
Grameen PhoneTelecomOracle Finance
BanglalinkTelecomOracle Finance
ExpiditorsFreight & forwardingMicrosoft Dynamics
Dhaka BankBankingFinacol
Performances after ERP investment:
We have discussed earlier that it takes about three to five years to fully implement all of the organizational and technology changes required by an enterprise system. The benefits of ERP implementation starts to accrue in an average of 31 months (McAfee, 1999; O’leary, 2000). The companies of Bangladesh mentioned above are in a transition phase of implementing ERP in their organizations. They have invested ERP recently. Among the above mentioned business groups ‘Padma Groups’ has invested ERP in just 2 months ago. BRAC-Aarong, Daffodil Group, Ambee Pharmaceuticals, Flora Ltd. has invested within one or two years. So it is not the very right time to measure their performances as ERP investor. In doing this report we found that the organizations are fighting to make it employees adapted with the ERP. There are information chains every where and both technical and non-technical employees are in a phase of transition. Future of ERP in Bangladesh:

ERP cannot be all things to all people despite strong allegiances to some ERP products. At best it introduces wonderful integration and best practice and business has learnt how good that is. Business and ERP vendors need to learn that ERP systems must have some development tools of its own that allow users easy changes to adapt software to user needs. This keeps integration as a major goal. A vital asset when information based on one system is desired, that is reliable, accurate and time consuming. Investment in ERP used to be a long term strategic vision. Organizations need to focus on core competencies that will impact top/bottom line growth. ERP vendors need to recognize such and develop SOP standards that are compatible across multiple application agnostic of vendor. This would present a huge value proposition to organizations intending to pick and choose best of breed applications on a subscription based model to sustain peaks and valleys in business demand to consistent margins and achieve business goals. This model reduces the huge overhead that ERP implementation and support bears on an organization year after years.

ERP Involves In Singer Bangladesh Limited:
Project Planning,
Business and Operational Analysis,
Business Process Re-engineering (BRP),
Installation and Configuration,
Project Team Training,
Business Requirements Mapping to Software,
Module Configuration,
System Modification and Interfaces,
Data Conversion,
End User Training,
Acceptance Testing, &
Post Implementation Audit/Support.
Scope of ERP System in SINGER Bangladesh Limited:
SINGER Bangladesh Ltd was established in 1905. More then 100 year’s ago they started their journey in Bangladesh. Aarong has identified three basic constraints for...
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