ENS 303

Topics: Shoulder, Rotator cuff, Humerus Pages: 4 (507 words) Published: May 22, 2014
ENS 303 Study Guide
Power Gripgives strength required to maintain the grip (tennis racket, jumping rope) Hook Gripusing fingers in flexed position (carrying brief case, shopping bag, rock climbing) Key grip variant of precision grip to enable you to pick up or hold flat objects (key into lock, using cash card) Limbrical position involves the MCP joint

Brings us back to original position (limb position)
Boutonniere deformity
Takes place in the PIP joint
Mallet Deformity
Takes place in the DIP joint
Thumb joint = sattle joint
When you tare your ulnar collateral ligament you get excessive movement What are the 3 largest groups that control the fingers?
1. Lumbricales
2. Dorsal interossei
3. Palmar interossei
Moving the thumb
Bringing the thumb to pinky is opposition
Taking it back to normal position is reposition
Thenor eminance
Muscular projection under thumb
Hypothenor eminance
Muscular projection under pinky
What is a unique feauture of the collateral ligament?
They are multi-banned
What nerve runs up the middle of the hand?
The median nerve
What is the problem with scaphoid fractures?
They have a poor vascularity
Anatomical snuff box
Boxer Fracture involves 4th and 5th phalanges
Silver Fork Fracture involves distal radius
Difference between a fracture and a protruded bursa?
Bursa is soft and patient will have full ROM
Fracture will not allow full ROM
Difference between ulnar collateral ligament and radial collateral ligament? The ulnar collateral ligament is in a triangular shape and is stronger Annular ligament provides lateral and superior stability

Damage to brachial artery & nerve leads to volksman flexion fracture, which ultimately leads to open hand Which is the strongest elbow flexor?
Functional when elbow flexes against resistance or rapidly. Acting alone this muscle would bring the arm to mid position form either a supinated or pronated position Supinator
Supination of forearm...
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