Enrollment System for Brainshire Science School

Topics: Receipt, Process, The Faculty Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Conceptual Paradigm
The proposed Enrollment System for Brainshire Science School will have its target users like Administrator. There will be also staffs like registrar and cashier. The faculty members will be also included and the students as well. The proposed system will handle the transactions like enrollment of students, encoding of grades, scheduling, payment and other transactions. For the website, its function is to show the grades of the students and also to show the announcements of the school. The devices needed are computer and printer. Each user has its own function and role in the system. The administrator will be in-charge of monitoring and over-all maintenance of the system. The staff like cashier and registrar will be managing the enrollment process and also the different transactions like payments and scheduling. The faculty will only do the encoding of the student grades. There will be also a website for the students to view their grades and the announcements of the school. The output of the system will have different forms like assessment, schedules, receipts, computed grades. On the website, the output will be the grades of students and the school announcements. The benefits of the system will be reliability of data, efficient storage and retrieval of data, less paper trail, convenience to the users, ensures security of the data, fast generating of reports and payment transactions and also daily updates in the system. It will surely help the school to cope up in the advancement of technology and innovation. Requirements Documentation

 Methods of Research
The data was collected, generated and analyzed by the proponents with the use of the following research instruments and techniques to help them classify precise information for the study.  Software Development Life Cycle

o Requirements:
The proponents gathered information by means of interview and with the use of reliable sources like books and articles seen in the internet in-order to...
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