Enlisted Force

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Enlisted force structure core values and definitions of stupid, ignorant, and conspiracy

In this report I will be covering the enlisted force structure, core values the definitions of stupid, ignorant, and conspiracy. To start with I will go over the enlisted force structure, going from Airman Basic through Chief Master Sargent of the Air Force. After which we’ll review the core values, ending with the definitions. Throughout this page I will be putting the above topics in my own words. The enlisted force structure has three tiers beginning with the Junior enlisted Airman tier, Noncommissioned Officer, and going all the way through the Senior Noncommissioned Officer tier. Each tier having its own role and responsibilities, and provides for growth. With this it creates the back bone for our Air Force. The Junior enlisted Airman will follow and conduct the lawful orders they are given in a timely manner. As Junior Airman we should be learning and working to be proficient at our jobs. Actively show a professional behavior, and maintain you bearing at all times. We should also be active in the community to show support from the air force. Always keep an eye out for your wingman as in drugs or a change in mental state. Be able to follow lawful orders and encourage and explain the NCO’s decision, and be mentally and physically ready to accomplish the task at hand. NCO’s lead and form young airman, and provides counseling. They exceed the standards set by the Junior Airman tier and set a bar for others to follow. Noncommissioned officers are technical experts, and are still continuously learning as to improve themselves. An NCO can be counted on both on and off duty as a wingman. Whenever necessary a NCO will provide corrective action to an airman below them. Noncommissioned officers should promote leadership courses for their airman and themselves for improvement. Senior Noncommissioned officers are to provide superb

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