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Topics: Technical drawing, Curve, Dividers Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Engineering Drawing
* Is the language of engineers and technicians. The accuracy and neatness of engineering drawing depends on the quality of the instruments used.  With good instruments, the drawing can be prepared easily, quickly and accurately.  Therefore, the knowledge of different drawing instruments and materials, methods of using them and the preparatory works to be completed before commencing the drawing is very important.

Uses of Engineering Instruments

1. Drawing Board - A drawing board with its working surface upward. Used as a base for drafting on paper

2. Drawing Sheet - The drawing is frequently made in pencil on the drawing sheet.

3. Drawing Pencil - Neatness, quality and accuracy of the drawing greatly depends upon the type and conditions of the pencil used for drawing.

4. Drawing Clips Or Pins - Drawing clips or pins are used to fix the drawing sheet on the drawing board at the required place. Clips are used at all the four corners of the drawing board to clamp the paper. Adhesive tapes are also used for fixing the drawing sheet.

5. Eraser - Eraser is used to remove the extra lines, lines/marks drawn by mistake and to clear soiled spots on the drawing. 6. Erasing Shield - It is a thin metal or plastic plate cut with slots, circles and curves of different dimensions. It helps to erase unwanted pencil lines without erasing the surrounding lines. 

7. T- Square - It is composed of a long strip called blade, which is screwed rigidly at right angle to a shorter piece called head or stock. T- Square is used for making horizontal, vertical, inclined or parallel lines on the drawing sheet.

8. Set-Squares - Set-squares are made of transparent plastic and are available in the shape of triangles, having a French curve or simply a gap cut in the body. These are used for drawing short straight lines, measuring and drawing certain angles. 

9. Large Size Compass - The compass is used for drawing circles...
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