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Belga, Arvie Lotus Grace
Benedicto, Juan Carlos
12 October 2010

Accounting Passing Rate
Thesis Statement: Accounting, just like in other fields of knowledge, has a profession board exam that has to be taken and pass by accounting graduates which the statistical passing rate changes every year due to different circumstances. 1.0 Introduction

1.1. Definition of accounting
1.2. Universities and colleges that offer BSA program
1.3. Other profession that have profession board exam
1.4. Professional Regulatory Commission
2.0 Reasons for taking the licensure exam
2.1. A test of skills and capabilities
2.2. Separation of a bookkeeper to an accountant
2.3. To practice their profession
2.4. Special name address
3.0 Competition among education institutions
3.1. Difference of semestral and trimestral system
3.1.1. Span of time in learning the lesson
3.1.2. Focus in majors
3.2. Methods in teaching and grading
3.2.1. Transformative learning vs. traditional education
3.2.2. Higher passing grade/quota
4.0. Accounting examination passing rate in the Philippines
4.1. Topnotch schools
4.2. The number of passers through the years
4.3. The position of our country’s passing rate in global perspective
4.4. Review center
5.0. Rules and laws regarding board exams
5.1. Number of times that the test can be taken
5.2. Limitations
5.3. Scores in order to pass
5.4. Standards of PRC
6.0. Accounting organizations
6.1. BOA
6.2. FIRSC
6.3. Accounting firms in the Philippines
7.0 Conclusion
7.1. Average of passers
7.2. The future of accountants in our country
7.3. Things that should be improved in order to have higher rates
7.4. Fields of accounting passers
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