Topics: Happiness, Science, Philosophy of language Pages: 1 (148 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Animal Testing is a must !

“Happiness”, it is a fuzzy concept and can have many definitions to people but the most acceptable definition of happiness is to help and save each other’s. Does saving another human’s life makes you happy or not? If yes, then that implies that animal testing is a bliss and it is a thing that we must stand for. Animal testing is an expression that most people have heard however are maybe still unsure of precisely what it implies, it actually means experimentation carried out on animals. Animal testing offers a ton of assistance in saving lives through the experiments to discover illnesses and its cure. One believes that animal testing is helpful, because it is more precise in testing drugs than machines and it also confronts the issue of human trafficking besides it saves numerous lives, and helps humans from extinction.
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