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Topics: Marriage, White people, Man Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: January 11, 2014
An individual’s identity is constructed through their language. It is very easy to decipher somebody’s identity by deciphering their use of language. Every person is unique in the way they speak, their use of diction, their perception etc. and this helps us to know basic facts about them. What I am trying to do here is to prove the above point I made by showing different styles of speaking amongst certain people. I chose to write a conversation between two or three people. There are two scenes in my task. The source for the first text was a tiny article which featured in the magazine “Brunch” which showed the use of Hindi and English together, known as hinglish. The source for my second scene was the movie, “The bodyguard” which is an interracial romantic comedy between a white woman and a black man. The first scene depicts the use of Hinglish. It has three characters and their identity can be deciphered easily. For example, we can easily identify that their culture could be Indian due to their use of Hinglish. The second scene however depicts the difference in the style of speaking for a black man compared to a white man. Again, when we consider their respective use of diction, accent and perspective we can easily decipher between the identity of the black and the white man. This task addresses the topic option of Language and the individual and specially addresses the topic of culture and language. I chose to write a dialogue to do this because I felt that in this way I could best express what I learned from the respective topic we studied and how I feel about it.

*The scene is about how a couple demands a divorce and has this meeting with the respective lawyer about the same* Lawyer: Sorry you had to wait. Hello Sir, Hello mam.
Rohan: Hello.
Pragya: Hi sir.
Lawyer: So you both have been married for seven years now.
Pragya: Seven years, 2 months and fourteen days.
Rohan: and approximately 8 hours.
Lawyer: It is not a very...
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