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The Legend of Football Malaysia
By hasnady1987 | October 2010
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Mokhtar Dahari (13 November 1953 – 11 July 1991) was a Malaysian footballplayer from Setapak, Selangor (now Kuala Lumpur). He was one of the best players in Asia in the 1970s. He was a legend for Malaysia. Born in Setapak, Mokhtar showed interest in playing football at an early age. He played for his school and later for his home state, Selangor FA. He attended secondary school at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur from 1966 to 1970 and established the Piala Mokhtar Dahari (Mokhtar Dahari Cup) which is still being played for until today. He was only 19 years-old when he first played for theMalaysia national football team in an international game. Mokhtar helpedSelangor FA win the Malaysia Cup 10 times and scored 177 goals altogether. In international games, he helped the Malaysia national football team score a total of 125 goals in 167 caps. He was the best striker in Malaysia. His first game forMalaysia national football team was against Sri Lanka national football team in 1972.

The Merdeka Stadium was his second home. Mokhtar was famous for his speed, accuracy and dribbling. Roars of "Supermokh" was all over the crowds including the young generation who tried to imitate his move. Mokhtar once did "The Goal of the Century" like Diego Maradona except Maradona weaved through six players and Mokhtar only weaved through 3 players.

Along with goalkeeper R Arumugam, defenders Santokh Singh and Soh Chin Aun, midfielders Reduan Abdullah and Shukor Salleh and Mokhtar's partner upfront Isa Bakar, Mokhtar Dahari's Selangor FA and Malaysia national football team were powerful forces in the '70s.

In 1975, he represented the Malaysia national football team against English giants Arsenal. Malaysia national football team won the game 2–0, with Mokhtar scoring both goals. After the game, Mokhtar was rumoured to have been offered a chance to play for the Gunners. He also...
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