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Topics: Poetry, Bell Rock Lighthouse, Romantic poetry Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: March 29, 2014
He wrote the poem after the battle of Blenheim because he wanted to express him opinion through poetry. The poem is anti-war. It shows the futility of it, because all that came of it was "many thousand bodies here lay rotting in the sun" and "land was wasted far and wide",nothing good actually came of it, as Kaspar and his family are still living just as happily as they were before the war, indicating the war brought nothing good to the ordinary man. Southey shows this by setting the start of the poem in an idyllic atmosphere. When the children ask Kaspar "what good came of it at last",Kaspar is left stumbling for words, because he knows that no good came of it really, and Southey wants the reader to realize this. Southey is a Romantic poet he went away from the established truth, and he portrayed the younger generation challenging the older one, with something which is actually a very good point, and is representing the thoughts of the public. Perhaps, the poem is written in ballad form to link the simple poetic form to the simple ideas that the children represent, which ultimately shows that old Kaspar is not wise whereas in most literature he would be. Therefore, Southey wrote this poem to make the reader understand that war is nothing heroic, it is unexplained killing, and should not happen. "The Inchcape Rock" is a ballad written by English poet Robert Southey. Published in 1802, it tells the story of a 14th-century attempt by the Abbot of Arbroath ("Aberbrothock") to install a warning bell on Inchcape, a notorious sandstone reef about 11 miles (18 km) off the east coast of Scotland. The poem tells how the bell was removed by a pirate, who subsequently perished on the reef while returning to Scotland in bad weather some time later.Like many of Southey's ballads "The Inchcape Rock" describes a supernatural event, but its basic theme is that those who do bad things will ultimately be punished accordingly and poetic justice done.Southey wrote the poem between...
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