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Topics: Semantics, Linguistics, Word Pages: 4 (1177 words) Published: May 14, 2013

1. Definitions of the word
2. different kinds of motivation in the light of studying any word 3. Semasiology as the branch of linguisics
4. different approaches to the study of word meaning.
1. Word is a basic unit of language consisting of one or more morphemes. Morphemes are meaningful units or sounds of written representation as parts of words. Any word can be a subject of certain linking conditions, so we can form a new word adding a derivational affix, e.g. write and writer Functional affixes can form new grammatical functions of any word, e.g. write – written, writing. As for the definition of a word it’s a disputable question in linguistics because any word has many different aspects: phonemes compile a sound form; Morphemes arrange a morphological structure; syntactic functions of any word are formed with different word forms. So the word is closely connected with phonology, lexicology, syntax, morphology, philosophy and physiology. Numerous linguists gave various definitions of words (Rosetti, Thomas Hobbes, I. Pavlov, H/ Sweet, L. Bloomfield, E. Sapir). All the definitions are correct but not complete, because the authors didn’t take into consideration all the aspects of a word, only a separate part of it. To sum up we can determine the definition of a word as the fundamental unit of lan. and a dialectical unity of form and content.

2. Motivation of words can be of different kinds. It depends upon the analyzed aspect. Motivation denotes the relationship existing between the phonemic or morphemic composition, structural pattern of the word and its meaning. So there we can determine 3 kinds of motivation: phonetic, morphological and semantical. Phonetic m. – is a certain similarity between the sounds and its sense, e.g. cuckoo, buzz are the words consisting of the sounds and imitate sounds in nature. They are the so-called echo-words, e.g. bleat - блеять, moo - мычать , purr – мурлыкать, etc . In different...
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