English Vocabulary Test Questions

Topics: Plate tectonics, Malcolm Gladwell, Reading comprehension Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Test #3
PART I: Reading: Related to IR2 Unit 7 followed by 20 comprehension questions including Vocabulary in Context and Making Inferences. Making Inferences Example (from IR2 Unit 4):
From the sentence, “A great deal of careful work has confirmed these dates, and most Oxfordians reluctantly concede that de Vere’s death preceded the appearance of these plays.” We can infer that Oxfordians: a.Would like it if de Vere’s death had occurred after the plays appeared. b.Think that it is untrue that de Vere died before the appearance of the plays. c.Think that it makes no difference when de Vere died in relation to the plays’ appearance. d.All of the above

e.None of the above

PART II: Vocabulary to know
IR2 Unit 7 Vocab: (see p. 85 for a complete list)
Choose the best word to complete the sentence.
Example: Our understanding of plate tectonics has _________________ over many decades. a.evolved
*Words for which you must choose the right word form: (see p. 91 for Word Form Chart) Choose the correct word form to complete the sentence.
Example: Our understanding of plate tectonics has been _______________ over many decades. a.evolved

Part Two: Reading Comprehension

Below is a list of the essay and the book chapters that we have read since Test #2 and 7 quotes from these texts. Choose 6 quotes to respond to.

You’ll need to:
1)Identify which article/book a quote comes from. Write down the number that matches the correct title/author (1 point)

2) Name the person or character quoted or referred to in the quote. Then, describe the context within which the quote was found, and briefly explain the quote’s meaning within the text. Try to answer the “who, what, so what, why, where, and when.” (4 points possible) (Total points possible: 30)

1. “Pieces of a Puzzle: The Evidence for Pangaea” IR2
2.Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell:
a.Ch. 5 “The...
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