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Topics: Australia, World Bank, United Nations Pages: 2 (1055 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Year 12 English Oral; Foreign Aid mustn’t be cut
Persona: Fiona Pearse (Board Member of World Vision) speaking at a foreign aid conference in regard to the Government’s recent plans to introduce a $4.5 billion cut in foreign aid over the next 4 years. Poverty, war, hunger, thirst, disease; these are all words the average Australian does not have to face. However, it is indeed what millions upon millions of people battle out every single day in so many countries we call our neighbours. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Fiona Pearse and I am here on behalf of all the world vision board members. I have been a part of the world vision movement since 2011 and am passionate and excited about the things we have planned ahead. I am here today to not only inform you about poverty and what we as Australian’s need to do to help abolish it, but I am also here in regards to recent actions of which have been discussed by the Australian government. We here at world vision greatly appreciate the help that the Australian government as well as the Australian public has given us over the years. We also greatly appreciate the help other organisations both funded and non-government organisations have given us. However, recent plans have been proposed to put in place a $4.5 billion cut in Foreign Aid over the next 4 years. Considering Australia’s AusAid budget currently sits at $5.2 billion this is a devastating cut. Think about that money; to some it may just be a number but I hope you can see it as much more than that. Australia will be reducing the Foreign Aid budget by $4.5 billion, potentially leaving the future budget at a mere $7 million. Although $7 million may sound like a lot of money it really isn’t enough when put into perspective. when put into perspective, it is quite a small number. Foreign Aid is in place so that countries have to ability to help those in need. Australia has always been known to help others; it’s in our nature to...
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