English Language as Official Language

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Knowing common language is essential for communicating effectively with others. A group of people living in one place or community often speak in one language to ensure that these individuals are able to understand each other. Some countries have become distinct from other countries due to the unique language that is commonly used by its inhabitants. Some nations’ states have declared a national language in their constitution and there are others that did not, especially those countries that have inhabitants who speak different languages. The United States of America is one of the countries that did not declare an official language that is used by its citizens in communicating, but a majority of its states have declared English as their official language. Our founding fathers chose to write the Declaration of Independence in the English language and use that as their mode of communication. The United States is a multi-lingual and multi-racial country, but most of its inhabitants use American English to communicate with each other. Official government documents and the language of instruction in most schools is English, thus, it is most a convenient if government and all of its citizens speak one language rather than being content knowing only the language that they use at home. A move has been made to declare English as the official language of the United States. The said motion is opposed by many people on the basis of its discriminatory nature considering that most inhabitants are multi-lingual. Those who are opposing it failed to realize the benefit that this move will have on some citizens who do not have a perfect command of the English language. The said move will also benefit those immigrants who came from non-English speaking countries and are not fluent in English when they arrive in the country to start a new life. Declaring the English language as the official language of the United States of America will promote solidarity and cohesiveness to all of its citizens considering the fact that a majority of them know how to speak English despite their differences in race, customs and traditions. -------------------------------------------------

The English language is widely spoken internationally, but it originated in Europe specifically in Great Britain which is the primary colonizer of America. Scholars of the modern era are using the English language as the international language superseding prior usage of Latin and French. English became the language of science. The United States of America, being a former colony of Great Britain, was primarily populated by English speaking inhabitants. When it became a world super power after World War II, it was able to continue the spread the use of the English language globally which began with the British Empire. A number of its former colonies such as the Philippines were encouraged to learn to use the language. -------------------------------------------------

“In the last century, Latin was the universal language of Europe. Correspondence among the learned and indeed among merchants and men of business and the conversation of strangers and travelers, was generally carried on in that dead language. In the present century, Latin has been generally laid aside, and French has been substituted in its place, but has not yet become universally established, and, according to present appearances, it is not probable that it will. English is destined to be in the next and succeeding centuries. The reason of this is obvious, because the increasing population in America and their universal connection and correspondence with all nations will, aided by the influence of England in the world, whether great or small, force their language into general use.” (Crawford 1992, p. 32) -------------------------------------------------

The United States of America being a super power can influence other countries. It was instrumental in establishing the use of the English language...

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