English FIT exercise chapter 4

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Yes/No/Okay, But?

F: “What these students came to realize is that good arguments are based not on knowledge that only a special class of experts has access to, but on everyday habits of mind that can be isolated, identified, and used by almost anyone”(56).

This statement relates to not just writing a good argument but to everyday life. The success of any given person is based off of being able to use this ability in social situations. Arguing is part of most conversations so being able to prove a point and convince others of ideas is a skill categorizes successful and unsuccessful people.

I: “There are a great many ways to respond to others’ ideas, but this chapter concentrates on the three most common and recognizable ways: agreeing, disagreeing, or some combination of both”(56).

The authors are expressing the different ways people can argue and idea. They can agree with the situation and add their own opinions, disagree and try to convince others of their ideas, or do a combination of both. How each person chooses to expresses their ideas is what makes each person unique.

T: “Perhaps you’ll worry that fitting your own response into one for these three categories will force you to oversimplify your argument or lessen its complexity, subtlety, originality”(56).

Before I read this argument, I felt as if arguments had to be complex and not as straightforward as mentioned in this chapter. Now my understanding of writing an argument includes keeping statements simplified and to the point. This makes it easier for the reader to fully grasp my point of view. Then again, I do not want to oversimplify and leave out value details that could make my agreement better.
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