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Topics: Sons and Lovers, Autobiographical novel, D. H. Lawrence Pages: 4 (1053 words) Published: March 26, 2015
Topic- analyse the following extract from Sons and Lovers in detail, commenting carefully on the stylistic aspects reflected in the passage, discussing what the extract revels about the characters and their relationship(s). Briefly mention any other relationships in the novel that are similar/ strongly dissimilar to the relationship revealed in the extract.

Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence is an example of a Bildungsroman, an autobiographical novel about the character’s life, and that character’s emotional and spiritual development. The extract that is critically anyalysed in the following essay gives insight into how Sons and Lovers is an example of a Bildungsroman as the extract allows for the readers to have understanding of the relationships in the novel. This essay will critical anyalye, as well as discuss the relationships Paul Morel has with his mother, Mrs. Morel, as well as the relationship Paul has with his first love Miriam. The following essay will also discuss the stylistic aspects reflected in the passage for example the use of imagery of flowers as well as the use of the different colours in the extract.

In the first paragraph of the extract, the tension between Paul and Mrs. Morel is described as “there was between him and his mother a peculiar condition of people frankly finding fault with each other” (Lawrence, [1925] 1994: 337). This tension build up between Paul and Mrs. Morel is due to Paul’s ongoing relationship with Miriam. Mrs. Morel “did not care for Miriam” (Lawrence, [1925] 1994: 337) as she felt that Paul was being drawn away by this girl”(Lawrence, [1925] 1994: 337). In D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers, the bond between mother and son is exemplified in a profound way. However, Mrs. Morel’s relationship with her sons, especially Paul, proves to be harmful to the growth of her sons. Paul Morel’s imprisoning relationship with his mother cripples all his other relationships. This is evident in this extract when Mrs. Morel decides,...
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