Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Social class Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: May 22, 2015
Compare and contrast the attitudes of Cecilia and Briony to Robbie Turner as presented in Part One of the novel Atonement. Your essay should not be shorter than 400 words. Cecilia and Briony Tallis both have different views on Robbie Turner, attitudes which are the exact opposite from each other. Cecilia knows Robbie as her “childhood friend”, whilst for Briony, Robbie was a person she looked up to. As the novel develops such attitudes towards Robbie changes and turns into something completely different. At first Cecilia used to consider Robbie as her “childhood friend” where they grew up together, “They had known each other since they were seven”. However ever since they both started to attend “Cambridge University” they grew farther apart. “They had fallen out of touch at Cambridge.” Cecilia hardly used to talk to Robbie since he was considered as the “cleaning lady’s son”. Cecilia came from a “different circle” which were all from the same high class status as she was. Robbie was just an “university acquaintance” and Cecilia did not want to be shone upon for being seen mingling with someone from the working class. Cecilia also stresses on the fact that her father Jack Tallis pays for Robbie’s education. Robbie obtains a better grade than Cecilia which makes her feel annoyed. She thinks Robbie is trying to be superior to her and show off. Whilst Robbie is approaching her she asks herself “could his first have gone to his head?” When Cecilia and Robbie meet again, their relationship is very “awkward”. Cecilia shows her irritation when Robbie approaches her outside, nonetheless her irritation does not stop her from secretly admiring his handsome built. Cecilia takes a vase outside to fill at the fountain, Robbie offers to help but she refuses. She is angry with him because of what happened two days before when Robbie had arrived at the front door to borrow a book from the library, and “took his socks off” so as not to dirty the floor since Betty was cleaning the...
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