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* Jane Austen’s writing in terms of marriage for women is viewed as irrelevant to a child of the modern age as the values do not apply in the contemporary society. * However, this foreign notion of marriage being imperative to a 19th century woman’s life evokes an appreciation within the modern audience for the time they live in, re-altering Austen’s writing to be relevant to modern child. Supported by Weldon. “Child you don’t know how lucky you are”. This notion that to “marry was a great prize”(Weldon) for any ‘successful’ woman, is an unfamiliar and irrelevant concept to the modern child. * As a modern child the contrasting values between Austen’s context and today, prompt the appreciation the society we live in. * “Marriage was for ever.” Pg 31 letters to Alice

* “I wish Jane success with all my heart” said charlotte referring to a women’s success being derived for matrimony (Jane and Mr. Bingley) * “Women inherited only through their husbands” pg 30 highlights inequality of women and therefore the significance of marriage… * Jane Austen’s context valued marriage which has resulted in her writing being “” irrelevant by the modern child. Different contexts possess contrasting values that are reshaped over time… * Contrast of emotionalist protagonist Elizabeth Bennet against the rest of the Lydia and … Bennet … emphasises importance of marriage through contrasting values and characterisation. (Emotionalist/rationalist)

Importance or literature

* Through the guise of “Aunt Fay” Weldon stresses the importance of quality literature as written by Jane Austen. Quality literature, a thing forgotten by the modern day child consequently leaves a child of the modern day recoiling at the thought of reading Weldon. * “You must read Alice, before it’s too late” pg10

* Every child can sympathise with Weldon’s speculation on the distractions from appreciating a “good book”. “How can I convince you of the pleasures of a good book, when you have McDonald’s around one corner and An American Werewolf in London around the next?” pg 9 * -“You slaked your appetite for information, for stories… with the easy tasty substances of the screen in the living room… And now you realise this is not enough.” Pg 7-8 * Through the extended metaphor the “City of Invention” Weldon evokes vivid imagery of this multi-dimensional city to explain the timeless value of literature to the modern child. “Trying to define literature by what it does, not by what it is.” By experience, not Idea” pg. 11 * Weldon emphasises the timeless significance of literature through contextual contrast, “Millions starving, then and now… man and especially woman, does not live by bread alone: he has to have books” pg 84

* The value of literature is supported by Austen… as an accomplished woman “added by Darcy… must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading” pg 39


Success in Pride and Prejudice is constituted by a person’s measure of wealth and status, still relevant in 21st century rendering Jane Austen’s writing timeless. * Look at texts + contexts
* What constitutes success is in the value system of Pride and Prejudice is influenced by Austen’s context where wealth and social status are significant values of society. * Men are spoken of in terms of their wealth (property, inheritance and wage), of which often determines their desirability to a woman. Exemplified through the direct speech of Mrs. Bennet upon Mr. Bingley’s arrival “Oh! Single, my dear to be sure! A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!” pg. 1 * A person’s acquaintances and relations dictate their position in the social hierarchy; Lady Catherine questions Elizabeth on her relations in order to determine her social status “You are a gentlemen’s daughter. But who was your mother? Who are your...
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