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Topics: Bed, Red, The Wall Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: December 18, 2014
My Quiet Escape
The loud, deafening sound of sirens blast by me seconds before I open the door to my house. Once inside, three rumbustious boys are running around screaming off the top of their lungs. The earsplitting sound of the garbage disposal running as my mother does the dishes. My father blaring the Television, watching his favorite team play their rival. A quick dash down the hall way and the first door to my right is the entrance to my sanctuary. One last final bang as the door to my room shuts behind me. Finally peace and quiet. Welcome to my quite escape. The doors and walls to my room are made out of simple wood and drywall not the best for keeping the noise of the house out. But, the distractions of the day seem to dissipate when entering my room. On the door hangs a mezuzah to worn off any bad spirits and gives good luck when entering and leaving the room. The parallel walls from right to left are painted a shadowy red color. The other parallel walls in front and behind me are painted in an off white color. The shadowy red walls help keep the room dark, with the total and utter absence of light it would be no darker then if you were standing in an unhappy cave. However; the off white color helps bring back life and light into the room. The floor is made of laminate wood with a soft amber color creating a shallow tap as you walk across it. The first thing someone would notice in the room is the antique queen size bed in front of the off white wall directly in front of the door. The whole bed is crafted in wood with the same soft amber color as the floor. The headboard stands a few feet taller than the rest of the bed. There are three pillows laying on the top of the bed. Two squashy burgundy rectangular pillows and one firm cream colored small pillow sits in the middle. One red sheet lays across the whole bed and under the pillows. The second sheet is the same color as the small pillow and lays on top of the red sheet. Lastly, there is one red and...
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