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November / novembre / noviembre 2009
Higher Level
Niveau Supérieur
Nivel Superior
Paper / Épreuve / Prueba 1

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These marking notes are confidential and for the exclusive use of examiners in this examination session.
They are the property of the International Baccalaureate and must not be reproduced or distributed to any other person
without the authorisation of IB Cardiff.



Provisional marking
During the early period of your marking your team leader (or principal examiner in the case of team leaders) will contact you to discuss the standard of marking and the interpretation of the marking notes. Before this discussion, it is necessary to have provisionally marked (in pencil) about ten scripts.

If your team leader has failed to make contact with you, please try to make contact with him or her yourself, by phone or e-mail.

Criteria A and B
The danger of rewarding or penalizing the use of illustration/references/quotations twice in both these categories should be avoided.
Criterion B
The passages for commentary offer candidates a variety of possibilities for analysis and interpretation. The test of any interpretation is that it has to be tied carefully to the words, images and relevant details of the text. Personal response, in the same way, must be tied to the passage. In the descriptor for level 2, there may be other conditions under which a “2” may be awarded, such as a limited use of evidence or a generally weak response. Substantiation of points may be made but be very weak/superficial.

What is sought by “personal response” is an individual voice and engagement with how the text works. Engaged and individual commentaries will usually make themselves clear by the depth of insight into the text and the quality and interest of the details cited in support. The first person singular does not automatically constitute a personal response and conversely an impersonal academic style does not necessarily indicate a lack of personal response. Criterion C

“Awareness” and “appreciation” of literary features are the key elements under this criterion. The mere labelling, without appreciation, of literary features will not score the highest marks. On the other hand, the candidate who is attentive to literary features and deals with them in a meaningful way, but who does not consistently use the vocabulary of literary criticism, can still be awarded the higher achievement levels.

Reminder: the term “literary features” is broad and includes elements as basic as plot, character etc., attention to which is valid and must be rewarded as appropriate.



Criterion D
Any form of structuring to the commentary will be rewarded if it is effective and appropriate. Different conventions are in operation and therefore all approaches (including the linear, (line by line analysis)) are acceptable and will be judged on the basis of their effectiveness. Examiners should remember that structure does not exist by itself, but any structure must be measured by appropriate reference to the passage or poem and by its capacity to integrate these towards the development of an organized and coherent commentary.

Reminder: In this criterion, supporting examples must be evaluated in terms of how fluently they are incorporated/integrated to shape/advance the argument, not in terms of their appropriateness or accuracy.

Criterion E
If you have reservations about awarding a four, you should ensure that these are well founded before awarding a three. The breadth of achievement in level three sometimes makes examiners reluctant to award four.

Use judgment when dealing with lapses in grammar, spelling and punctuation; therefore do not unduly penalize....
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