Topics: Wealth, Capital accumulation, Management Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Dr. Jennifer Graham
12 November 2010

Value of America
The purpose of this essay is to raise readers’ awareness, causing them to think differently about American values. Furthermore, the value one places on material wealth. Ehrenreich (Ehrenreich 156) and Eighner (Eighner 172) exposed problems with the equation of wealth equals happiness. They also excluded the idea that, in America, possessing a job means economic security, happiness, and a sense of achievement in life.

In employment most of us realize obstacles and how to overcome them. When one turns a corner individuals are then faced with the next obstacle that is in cue. However, when those obstacles seem to increase in height as well as frequency it can be hard to see the woods for all the trees. Management style is important at this time and is often the key contributor to guide successfully guide through these tough obstacles. Most people have perhaps experienced those times and unfortunately some have also experienced those less than desirable management styles, which compound the severity of the experience.

Long dark nights, 14 straight hours, very little breaks, and to stand observant continually in one location throughout; meanwhile everyone else is at home, enjoying themselves with family and friends. Cold wet feet, and shivering until one could no longer feel his fingers and toes. The ground was always soft with a combination of wet paper, mud and other trash that lay under the heavy duty machines. The so called “boss” by definition has responsibility to exercise authority and make decisions. No one could not fault him for exercising his authority in job delegation to his employees especially because he sat in the break room reading the paper or watching the television. Whereas the rest of employees were on the frontline making sure the warehouse did not catch fire while the welders overhauled the paper machine.

Although the weld fumes given off were not hazardous after long...

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