English 101 Midterm

Topics: Mining, The Streets, Mind Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 27, 2014
English 101 Exam Two Essay
I believe that Mary Matthews is more reliable because while reading you are given a more detailed first person point of view on the lifestyle and society's personality compared to John Taylor Waldorf that seemed to be very vague and distant first impression of Virginia City. While reading Mary Matthews commentary you are able to relate the personal experiences to a certain extent to today's era and connecting on a level that deeply describes Virginia City at that time. Both of these authors are very different in the way they portray what they see for example Mary is a grown adult and the way she describes her experiences with very descriptive details that accurately show her point of view. When Mary was talking about Virginia city she talked about the mining industry and the lifestyle of the miners she described the hours in which they worked and the how the industry affected the city’s economy. On the other hand John Taylor Waldorf was on a child that hasn’t experienced the situations an adult has and has not matured to have the mind set to understand situations that were going on around him. For example when John Taylor Waldorf talked about Virginia city just was Mary Matthews he was full of imagination almost depicting miners as cowboys and gunslingers describing how the mines were this horrific scene out of a horror movie and describing how the streets of the city were plated in gold and silver were his statements would lead to untrue and exaggerated descriptions of what was really going on around him due to him only being a child with a vivid imagination.
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