Work Report, English Extension 2

Topics: Protagonist, Writing, Fiction Pages: 4 (1519 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Year 12 English Extension 2
Work Report

“Children and fools speak the truth”

From the many different options of major works available in Extension 2, I chose to write a short story as the creative aspect of this option was appealing. The reality of this course was not exactly what I had initially expected, and the first two terms which were nearly purely investigative were challenging. I believe that if I had begun writing earlier, and implementing research only when necessary, I would have made more progress by now.

My intention was to write a series of 3 short stories, set in 3 different countries (Australia, Japan, and Spain/Cuba). The purpose of this was to convey the different ways people react to the same situation. In other words: The influence culture has on our capacity to respond in a dire situation. In the process of my research however I found that the main focus on my interest lay in the psychological aspect behind the reasons for a person’s actions. I consequently decided to adapt my story, and since this point it has developed down a path far from my original intention.

Through my Major Work I intend to explore the definition of truth, the way perspective affects what one views as the truth and the way in which one’s reasons for lying change due to their life experiences. I have decided to maintain my idea of having three sections to my story; however they will now be merely a continuation of the single plotline, seen from 3 different perspectives to aid my intention. Through my central character I aim to convey, through an extreme yet highly plausible grieving reaction to the death of his wife, the manner in which the stages of grieving cloud his own view of the truth from himself.

I am achieving my intention of revealing the multi-faceted thing that is truth through the utilisation of a first person narrative voice in each of the three sections. This is so that the audience achieves the same sense of subjectivity that the...
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