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Lab Session 1

 To learn about AutoCAD
 Learn about line command
 Learn about X,Y co-ordinate system

Definition of Engineering Drawing
 An engineering drawing, a type of technical drawing, is created within the technical drawing discipline, and used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items.
 A drawing consisting of at least three views (front, top, and side) of an object.

What is CAD
 An abbreviation for computer-aided (assisted) drafting or computer-aided (assisted) design. CAD software is used to design or document physical structures or objects.
 CAD allows you to accomplish design and drafting activities using a computer.
 A CAD software package, such as AutoCAD, enables you to create designs and generate drawings to document those designs.
 CAD is a tool that can be used for design and drafting activities.  CAD can be used to create a 2D or 3D computer model of the product or system
 Although there are other methods used for design and drafting activities, CAD offers the following advantages over other methods in many cases:  1. Accuracy
 2. Productivity for repetitive operations
 3. Sharing the CAD file with other software programs.
 Previously, only manual drawings were made on drawing board which was so much hectic and time wasting.
 Now CAD systems are available for a number of computer platforms: laptops, personal computers (PCs), workstations.

 Easy to Modify: Modifying the CAD geometry is easy; you will always have "copy", "cut", "paste", "delete", "move" or some similar editing options available with each of the packages.
 Easy to Reproduce: Draftsmen used to take days to complete a drawing by manual drafting, and reproducing the drawing meant RECREATING the drawing from the beginning.
Use in EE
 In Industries, Project sites and Offices we use drawing to implement the projects.
 All the activities of any project or assignment first design on paper, then it can be implemented.
 For example:
In power transmission lines all of the data of towers and their stringing first made on drawing then it is implemented.

The Line Command
 The Line command is used to draw segments of straight lines.  On the Ribbon, make sure you are in the Home tab. Using the Draw panel, click the Line button.

 The following prompts will appear:
Specify first point: (type in the coordinate of the first point) Specify next point or [Undo]: (type in the coordinate of the second point) Specify next point or [Undo]: (type in the coordinate of the third point)

Specify next point or [Close/Undo]: (type in the coordinate of the fourth point)  You can use the Undo option at any time to undo the last specified point, hence the last specified segment.
 After you draw two segments, the Close option will be available to connect, the last point to the first point and to end the command.
 Other ways of ending the command include pressing [Enter] or [Spacebar].  You can also press [Esc] to end the Line command.

Using Dynamic Input
 By default, the Dynamic Input is turned on, so anything you type in the Command Window will appear on the screen beside the AutoCAD

 Make sure the Dynamic Input button is turned on:

 For example, if you type the word “line,” here is how it will look on the screen:

 ƒ When you press [Enter], the following will appear:

Type the X coordinates, then press the [Tab] key and you will see the following:

Type the Y coordinates, then press [Enter] and Dynamic Input will show the length and the angle of the line to be drawn (the angle is measured from the east and incremented by 1 degree).

 Specify the length, press the [Tab] key, then type the angle and press [Enter]:

Exercise 1

Precision Method 1: Snap and Grid

 As you can see, the only method we used to precisely specify points in the
 X, Y plane was to type the coordinates using...
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