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INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROJECT MANAGEMENT Referenced report IT project management 1-Successful IT project management 1-Successful It is impossible to read a newspaper,magazine,or web page without hearing about impact of information technology on our society.information is traveling faster and being shared by more individuals than ever before. There is no (one size fits all) solution to managing projects .Although project management has been an established field for many years , managing information technology projects requires ideas and information that go beyond standard project management 1.1 What is a project ? "a project is a task that has a beginning and an end" (Maylor2010) . 1.2 What is project management? "Project management is the application of knowledgement,skills,tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements" (Schwalble,2010) . 1.3 Project procedures : Maylor(2010) creates 4D model for project management processes : Define it-Design it-Develope it-Do it In definition process which contains a-stakholders strategy ,he assume that sucess of stackholders management is very critical issu because the complexity of requirements of many different groups of stackholders . Mayor express requirements as measures which is an explicit expression of the requirements .he relate the success in this stage to three basic issues : stakeholders,measures,timing. Schwalble(2010) summerizes the ways of project success into 3 ways 1-the project meets scope,time,cost and quality goals . 2-the project satisfied the customer/ sponsor 3-the results of the project met its main objectives. So we notice that the success of a project is not only the project manager responsibility and all stackholders share in this success . The requirements specification for IT system is collected to be: 1.4 System Requirement Specification: · Desired operational capabilities · Physical characteristics · Performance parameters and expected values · Interfaces with its environment · Functional requirements · Interactions with its environment · Documentation requirements

· Reliability requirements · Logistic requirements · Constraint requirements · Personnel requirements · Quality requirements · Security requirements · Safety requirements · Training requirements 1.5Characteristics of a Good Requirement Specification: (Jag Sodhi Prince Sodhi,2001) · Unambiguous: · Complete · Verifiable · Consistent · Correct · Modifiable · Traceable · Testable · Usable after development manager must be able to handle his or her team well to deliver a quality product within the defined budget and schedule.The manager is a leader who increases interpersonal relationships with his or her group, communicates effectively, and guides with the vision necessary to lead them to success.(Jag Sodhi, Prince Sodhi.,2001) . The basic role of IT project manager is to make the IT project successful,The manager should enhance his or her ability to understand project management techniques, modern technologies, and system development methods and tools .

1.6 Successful Project Planning (Stephen S.,2005) The IT project manager establishes a team that provides guidance in formalizing project planning. only 8% of the total resources are allocated for the study and planning phase. Planning is the most fundamental function of the project manager and includes decisions concerning the following: · What to do · How to do it · When to do it · Who will do it

1.6.1 Project Book : The IT project manager generates and maintains the project book. The project book consists of clear definitions of the project and the steps taken to put all of the activities into action The purpose of the project book is to assist the project manager. The project book contains the following: · A chronological record of events with dates. · A record of tasks and activities. · Organizational charts showing who controls and provides funding. · All correspondence in a chronological order. · Names of...
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