Engelsk Aflevering Pirate

Topics: Peter Sunde, The Pirate Bay, Copyright Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: December 5, 2014
Text 1:
The first text is an article written by Peter Sunde. He is part CO- Founder of The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay is a site that allows people to share movies and music illegally. His opinion on the copyright system is clearly negative. He claims that the entertainment industry’s is being held back by Hollywood. And Hollywood is trying do dictate the industry, by for example threatening to stop all trade with Sweden, if The Pirate Bay does not get taken down. Therefore they’re not letting people choose where to get their movies or music they want to watch or hear. He believes that we should be allowed to share files online with each other for free. He strongly believes that its part of an evolution that happens everywhere but the entertainment industry.

Text 2:

In text 3 it’s the complete opposite opinion that dominates. It is the English poet Wendy Cope. She presents her opposing view. As a writer, she suffers from the weak enforcement of the copyright rules. She often finds her own poems, or poems with different authors, reprinted online without permission. Although such copying might be meant as a token of appreciation, it does in fact harm the income of writers or artists. Wendy Cope therefore argues that ignorance of copyright law is a big problem, because a person that does it does not realize what harm they are doing.

The writing styles in texts 3 and 2 differ slightly as their purposes and target audiences are different. The use of everyday words, and quite simple syntax, the comments on Peter Sunde’s article in text 2 all achieve an informal tone. Although the tone in ‘ you like my poems? So pay for them’ is also rather informal. But her choices of words vary much more than Peter Sunde’s article. She does use of formal words F. ex: Strolling, mixed with more informal and youthful words like: Google, Robbed, annoyed. Where the genre of the comments in text 2 dictate a short form, Wendy Cope’s article is...
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