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Request for Proposal
Company Inroduction
Authoritative Accounting Inc. (AAI) is accounting company that serves domestic and international families, as well as individual members’ trusts, estates, closely held businesses, and non-profit institutions. We offer expert technical knowledge and personalized service for your accounting needs. Business Goals

AAI's goal is to take care of our clients in a fast and efficient process. We save clients millions of dollars by searching out special provisions in federal and state tax law and monitoring changes in laws, regulations, and court rulings. For businesses, we provide accounting and tax services to meet each client's specific requirements. For individuals, family offices and estates, we provide tax planning, compliance, and return preparation services to meet financial planning objectives and minimize tax liability. Project Goals

The purpose of this request is to have our employees trained with the Microsoft Office 2010 programs, whose abilities range from first time users to users long time users transitioning to from previous Microsoft Office packages. The training will consist mostly of the four major components of Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. We have recently hired 10 employees who are in need training in these programs. At the same time our current employees would also benefit from a refresher course in Microsoft Office since it has evolved, and there are features that they might know about.

The performance period for this project will be February 21 and finish March 4. The training classes will be split into eight groups, 10 employees each. The first four groups will each get trained on one program a day, and cycle through all program Monday through Thursday. The second set of groups will get the same treatment the second week. Friday will be a day for questions and clarification with, at minimum, 2-3 of your employees on site. The deadline for proposals will be...
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