Energy Development and Electricity Usage

Topics: Energy development, Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 4 (920 words) Published: January 17, 2013

Electricity consumption is something we do out of habit and unintentionally. We develop our habits based on our needs, hobbies, works, entertainment and enjoyments. We never really aware of how much we use daily and how much the source of energy is left in this world. We are named as screen generation, it means we all depending on electronic stuffs to complete and help us out in our daily life.

We use air-con, television, refrigerator, fan, lamps, iron more over we use electricity to charge our gadgets those we probably have more than one like phone, laptop, tablet etc. We never really care about where the energy came from and are we wasting it? Main energy source is fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas.

Many of us are uninformed about this main source of energy and how much we can take from the world. We barely know how much the world spent fossil fuels yearly to fulfill our electricity needs. The main problem here is fossil fuels are un-renewable. It takes millions of years for them to be formed and ready to use.

Based on a high energies usage in this world, we need an alternative energy source to support our needs without exploiting our main source fossil fuels. We do have an alternative energy support like wind power, solar energy and moving water energy. Recent alternative energy source is nuclear energy. Those alternatives proven to be ineffective because they barely fulfilled energy needs.

A natural consequence of overusing energy is increased costs for us. This can come in the form of fuel and energy bills; we will be paying more without an appreciable return on your investment. We may also risk lowering the expected lifespan of appliances and other electronics. When we have to replace spent devices, we further impact the environment by generating waste and purchasing replacement equipment. Our wise use of electricity, therefore, can translate into long-term savings in energy bills and also reduce the need for other...
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