Endocrinology Study Guide

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BIOL 1020 L02 Homework 4 Endocrine System 20 pts Name Danel Bermudez
1. Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?
A. hypothalamus
B. pituitary
C. oil (sebaceous) glands of the skin
D. thyroid
E. adrenal cortex

2. Jason is having problems with his metabolic rate. He cannot seem to burn calories and gains weight even on a severely reduced caloric intake. What endocrine gland is probably not involved in this problem?
A. anterior pituitary
B. hypothalamus
C. thyroid
D. testes
E. pancreas

3. Which of the following is NOT a correct association?
A. thyroid—thyroxin
B. anterior pituitary—FSH and LH
C. adrenal cortex—hypothalamus releasing hormones
D. adrenal gland—norepinephrine
E. pancreas—insulin

4. Which statement is NOT true about peptide hormones?
A. It includes hormones such as epinephrine.
B. It binds to the target cell surface receptors and never goes through the membrane.
C. Peptide hormones act faster than steroid hormones.
D. The second messenger initiates cascade of enzymatic reactions that regulates production of certain protein.

5. Which statement is NOT true about steroid hormones?
A. They are derived cholesterol.
B. They penetrate the cell membrane easy.
C. They initiate the formation of cyclic AMP (a second messenger) inside the cell.
E. They are fat-soluble

6. The part of the brain controlling the anterior pituitary gland secretions is the
A. medulla.
B hypothalamus.
C. thalamus.
C. cerebral cortex.
E. cerebellum.

7. What is NOT correct about ADH (antidiuretic hormone)?
A. Some substances like caffeine and nicotine counteract the action of ADH, making you want to go to the bathroom
B. Target of ADH does not include on kidney nephrons
C. The function of ADH is to conserve body water by reducing the loss of water in urine
D. ADH is synthesized by the hypothalamus and stored in the anterior pituitary gland till its release.

8. Which of the following endocrine gland produce its own

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