End Result Idea

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End Result Idea

Tara LeNoir


April 8, 2013
Brenda Young

End Result Idea

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organization formed around an idea by Ernest A. Codman, MD, FACS. Doctor Codman’s idea “was simply the premise that hospital staffs would follow every patient they treat long enough to determine whether or not the treatment was successful, then learn any failures, and how to avoid those situations in the future.” (American College of Surgeons. 2013.) The “End Result Idea” has grown into what is known today as The Joint Commission (TJC) founded in 1951. The Joint Commission effects so many different health care facilities, and the standards in which those medical facilities operate currently.

The Joint Commission is an independent, nonprofit organization that encourages advancement and new technical standards that focus on safety and quality of care provided by the health care facility. The accreditation process evaluates compliance of standards and requirements. The standards are based on patient safety and quality of care, and need to meet three other requirements. These requirements are as follows, meet or surpass law and regulation, can be accurately and readily measured, and have a positive impact on health outcomes. (Joint Commission. 2013) Health care professionals, providers, subject matter experts, consumers, government agencies, and employers influence new standard, which are then brought to the Board of Commissioners for approval to be added. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organization is a symbol of quality nation-wide that shows the health care organization’s commitment to meeting and exceeding state and federal standards. One way the Joint Commission confirms that health care facilities are maintaining requirements are on-site surveys. The surveys encourage health care facilities to advance in safe and operative care of the highest excellence...

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