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The structure of C program


C is made up entirely of building blocks which have a particular ‘shape’ or form .A program is made up of functions, functions are made up of statements and declarations surrounded by curly braces { } .One and only one of these functions in the program must have the name main(). This function is always the starting point of a C program . The parentheses ‘()’ which follow the name of the function must be included even though they apparently serve no purpose at this stage.


The Headers 

#include header.h
At the top of a program file. For instance:
#include "myheader.h"
Includes a personal header file which is in the current directory Or #include
includes a file which lies in a standard directory like ‘/usr/include’. The #include directive is actually a command to the C preprocessor .

Now i will tell you about printf function .

The printf() function 

• What is full form of  printf  function?  
    - Print format function

• What is print format (printf) ?
      - It refers to a control parameter used by a class of functions typically associated with some types of     programming languages. The format string specifies a method for rendering an arbitrary number of varied data type parameter(s) into a string. In simple words we can say It provides an superbly versatile way of printing text.

• How to print a normal string  ?
     -  printf ("..some string..."); 

• How to print a Integer ?
     - Here we cant use the same command we used in printing the text, we have to use control sequence  -    %d  . The variable someinteger is printed instead of ‘%d’  . Below you see the command .

        printf ("Integer = %d",someinteger);

Here is a small program with its output showing the example of printf function .

|| Download Turbo C  ||
|| How to install Turbo C ||

/***********************************************************/ /* any...
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