Employment Turnover in Hospitality Industry in Hanoi

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Table of contents

1. Rationale2
2. Objectives2
3. Research Question2
4. Methodology3
5. Setting and sample size3
6. Limitations and problems4
7. Study Design4
Chapter 1: Literature Review5
1.1Definition of hospitality industry and its workforce5
1.2 Definition of employment turnover, reasons and solutions7 1.3 Employment turnover in hospitality industry9
1.4 Hanoi’s hospitality and its employment turnover status10 Chapter 2: Findings from interviews- a case study of 191113 2.1 Status of high staff turnover in Hanoi’s hospitality industry13 2.2 The reasons of high turnover15

2.3 The solutions to solve the problem of high turnover in Hospitality in Hanoi18 Conclusion and Recommendation19
1. Cause Analysis19
2. Recommendation20
3. Evaluation21
4. Acknowledgement21
5. Conclusion22
Appendix 1: Literature Review Bibliography23
Appendix 2: Interviewee’s profiles and interview’s transcript25

1. Rationale
As our group of four juniors at University took very high interest in hospitality industry, we first studied literature on this field and found out that high turnover rate is a striking feature of this industry. This problem has been discussed by hospitality professionals in a global context. However, in Vietnam, most of existing body of the knowledge reveals little information about this matter. This fact is a challenge as well as a motivation for our research group to carry out our own research on this issue, to discover the new knowledge horizon that has not been discovered. Our research scope is in Hanoi, where our research group is living. As Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, it is the center of politics, culture and tourism. Thus Hanoi’s hospitality sector is fairly developed compared to other parts of the country. The audiences of our research are the hospitality professionals and workers, the local authority, and anyone who take their interest in this industry. 2. Objectives

The researchers aim at three objectives. The first one is to identify theoretical knowledge of hospitality, staff turnover in general and staff turnover in hospitality. Secondly, the researchers aim at investigating the current situation of Hanoi’s hospitality staff turnover as well as the reasons for this matter. The last objective is to find out the solutions suggested by Hanoi’s hospitality staff and to propose our own recommendation for the problem. 3. Research Question

To achieve the first objective, the researchers raise two questions: What is the academic definition of hospitality industry? Who make up the hospitality workforce? Then for the second objective, the researchers deliver three questions: What is the theoretical framework of employment turnover? What accounts for high staff turnover? What are the solutions for high employment turnover? Next, the question to attain the third objective is: Theoretically, what is the current situation of staff turnover in Hanoi’s hospitality industry? What is the current status due to Hanoi’s hospitality staff? The fourth goal is achieved by the question: In hospitality staff’s ideas, what are the reasons for high staff turnover in Hanoi’s hospitality industry? What do they think to be the solutions to this problem? Lastly, the fifth objective of proposing our own recommendation is reached by answering the questions: what do the researchers recommend to deal with this problem? 4. Methodology

The researchers use the qualitative approach. Since our research group has little knowledge about hospitality profession, qualitative method will provide a deeper understanding about the subject. b.Instrument

The researchers will carry out desk research to review literature on this subject. The literature should be delivered by reliable authors from trustworthy sources of information. These sources include academic books on the matter, online version of reputable newspapers and magazines as well as...

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