Employment Rights and Responsibilities

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Almost every aspect of employment is covered by one or more laws, including:

Handling and storage of information
Equal opportunities
Grievance procedures
Health and safety
Holiday entitlements
Maternity/paternity pay
Minimum wage
Sickness absence and pay
Working time limits
Redundancy and retirement


Employment rights
Equality and discrimination
Health and Safety
Data Protection


Legislation in relation to employment was created in order to prevent employers from abusing or taking advantage of workers, and provide minimum requirements in areas such as:

Minimum wage
Safety standards
Holiday entitlement
Maternity leave
Redundancy payments
Discrimination and equality
Working hours
Age requirement


Sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and right are: ACAS – Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Services
CAB – Citizens Advice Bureau
Unions and representative bodies
Work contract
Policies and procedures
Terms and conditions
Job descriptions


The terms and conditions which are covered in my contract are:

My job title
Hours of work
Holiday entitlement
Sick pay
Notice of termination
Grievance procedure
The disciplinary procedure.


My payslip contains the following information:

My name and home address
Tax code (Basic Rate)
National Insurance Number
Deductions (including tax and national insurance)
Year to date
The total that I have been paid so far this financial year
Net pay


In the event of a grievance the very first step is talking to the manager. If the outcome is not satisfactory then you can make a formal grievance complaint. The procedure should include the following steps: writing a letter to your employer setting out the details of your grievance, next a meeting with your employer to discuss the issue, and finally if the employer’s decision is still not satisfactory then an appeal from the employer’s decision can be made. Your employer should arrange a further meeting to discuss your appeal, and you have a right to ask either a colleague from work or a trade union representative to accompany you to the meeting.


The personal information that I must be kept up to date with my own employer are:

My phone number – both mobile and land line
Bank details
New health information which could affect my job
Any criminal convictions


The agreed ways of working with my own employer are within my job description. I am also expected to arrive at work on time, be polite and professional, to follow policies and procedures correctly to be respectful of other peoples’ background and personal choices. My employer must provide me the correct tools I need to do my job in the best condition possible, as said in The Health and Safety Act, 1974 law (eg Personal Protective Equipment).


The service undertakes to provide everyone with a safe service which promotes clients’ independence, dignity, and choice, while ensuring their home is a safe place to live; to promote clients’ control over their lives, maintaining skills and independence and ensure that all needs are met on an individual basis, encouraging the clients to make their own, informed decision about how their needs are met. Similarly, my role is to provide care to a standard and in a way that is accepted and promoted by my company.


By providing the clients with adequate care and following good practice I help to fulfil the company’s goals as well as meet the individuals’ needs. By supporting the clients in their physical care needs as well as social, intellectual and emotional needs, and liaising with other agencies, I promote the clients’ health and well-being.


My role involves making sure that our clients are provided with adequate care and support. It is important to understand the...
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