Employee Retention

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Talent: A Battle on Two Fronts


inding the right talent—from knowledge industries such as Pharmaceuticals to heavy industries such as industrial manufacturing—^is a problem worldwide, despite a large, easily accessible pool of educated people. Forty-three percent of 1,200 global CEOs surveyed by PwC late last year said hiring workers had become more difficult. A quarter of more than 300 U.S. employers in a Deloitte survey in December said the shortage, motivation, and retention of qualified talent was the most significant challenge they would face in the next three years, up from 16% a year earlier. "We are in a talent crunch that is being felt across the world," Ed Boswell, U.S. Advisory People and Change practice leader at PwC, said in a statement. And that's only half of the staffing challenge facing companies today. As the global economy improves, organizations that are looking to grow or restock their ranks are expected to compete aggressively for those hard-tofind, top-notch employees, which is why retention—not just hiring—has become top-of-mind among senior managers.

Fifty-six percent of human resources professionals say the retention of key talent—employees who are the strongest performers, have high potential, or are in critical jobs—has become more difficult, and the same percentage said they expect top employees to search for better jobs as the economy improves, according to Retention of Key Talent and the Role of Rewards by WorldatWork, a nonprofit that focuses on compensation and benefits. Retention is now a major concern of senior management, according to 65% of the June survey's 526 respondents. Only 51% are confident their organization can retain key talent as the economy improves. As the global economy has limped along, employees have become more frustrated because, even if they retained their jobs, layoffs have made their work more difficult and, in some cases, reduced...
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