employee involvement and participation

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2.5小时, 500块。

听, 说, 读, 写

Q&A对话 lecture
Brochure 宣传/介绍册
Lobby 大堂
Band 乐队
Instrument 乐器
问题导入。Spanish music。
听问题?group, video
Shall we go?
Hear the whole things better
口语:spoil ourselves
女:sit at the front, good view
Book 预定 a ticket
Reserve a table 订座
Hills road
Green road
Number/No. 13
特点:88 double 8; 999 triple 9; 800092 8 thousand 92; 3-3-2后背一遍。
Prices include ….
Senior citizen 老年人
Discount 折扣
48 North Avenue 路名要大写
Drink/Refreshment refreshment 茶点
Piano player/pianist
-ist 家 violinist, cellist, scientist, nutritionist
10 pound 50 10.5
1-10 11-20
11(eleven),12(twelve), 13、30; 14, 40(forty), 15(fifteen), 50(fifty)
16, 60, 17, 70(seventy), 18, 80, 19, 90, 20(twenty)
100 a hundred 200,300; 1000 one thousand, 10,000= ten thousands 55, 000=fifty five thousands
73, 000=seventy three thousand, 45, 000= fourty five thousands, 59,000=fifty;
550,000 = five hundred fifty thousands,
739 百位数+十位数+个位数
30 thirty 三十。Three
1 million
4- 14- 40
18-80 eighteen, eighty
19-90 nineteen ninety
年代:1983 中间断开:19+83 1999; 1415, 1450, 1514, 1540;
2000; 2001; 2010;
1900’s; 19 hundres, in the 19th century
1905: 19 o 5
零:1)zero, 2) o; 3) null;
Thirteen thirty
区分技巧:长音,短音。 Tee, ti 关注尾部的读音。上下文。
0读and 107 one hundred and seven
Incident accident
Shipping 发货,发送= delivery to home
Agent 中介/公司
Date of arrival
Data 数据
Reference 参考
First-class mover
快递:express 联邦快递:FedEx: Federal Express
出发时间:departure 离开 arrival 抵达
11th Oct.
28th Nov.
日期:1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 11th, 12th, …20th, 30th 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 31st,
January, Jan. 速记的话一定要加“.“ Mr. Wang

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