Emperor Asoka, the Edicts of Asoka

Topics: Ashoka the Great, Emotion, Edicts of Ashoka Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Document Analysis Chapter 3
“Emperor Asoka, From The Edicts of Asoka”

Q1- What reason does Asoka give for his repentance? How does he propose to deal with the forest peoples?
King Asoka’s reason for repentance is that he felt bad for other religious followers like Brahamans or Shramanas because they suffer from watching their loved ones being injured, slaughtered and deported because these people were obedient to superiors family and so on and they also showed grateful respect to friends, slaves, acquaintances and many more. Basically he felt bad knowing that people had emotional pain by watching loved ones suffer. Asoka’s thought and beliefs on forest people is that he allowed those who wanted to enter to be able to come, in fact he wanted to come in increasing numbers, but he warns them that he does not tolerate any criminal actions so if you do anything against the law then you will be punished. He wants the people of his kingdom to feel safe under his reign, he wants them to be discipline and obedient, and he wants everyone to be happy. Q2- Taking an overview based on reading all the edicts presented here, precisely what does Asoka’s concept of Dharma seem to entail?

King Asoka’s concept of Dharma seems to consist of basic moral principles like Sympathetic, Karma, openness, and so on. In the edicts it talks about how if one does something against the law then the person who committed the crime shall be punished and this is like Karma because you get what you deserve. Sympathetic is also involved because he felt bad for inflicting pain on anyone but he only does it for a good reason because he has to punish them to discipline them but he knows the pain felt by the loved ones and he they don’t deserve to feel that emotional distraught watching the person they love get hurt because they didn’t do anything wrong so it guilt’s Asoka because the loved ones didn’t do anything wrong but they are feeling emotional pain watching their loved ones suffer....
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