Elementary School Teachers

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Elementary School Teachers are the beginning of every student’s life for 14+ years of schooling ahead of them. They are people who are starting each child out with a successful future. Elementary school teachers introduce to the children curriculum areas in reading, math, social studies, and sciences which are all basic requirements for further education. Every state requires that public school teachers be certified for at least one, or several related subjects. Not only a Bachelor’s Degree is needed; completion of an approved teacher training program with a certain number of subject credits, and a supervised certificate. In almost every state, teachers are required to be enrolled in continuing education courses to renew their teaching certificate. In some states, a Masters Degree is required in some teaching situations. Teaching Elementary School is a hard task that requires a lot of patience and time. There are many skills that most Elementary School Teachers have that could be helpful for someone looking to join the teaching profession. A small list of skills would include; helping, listening, managing time, reading comprehension, reasoning, social perceptiveness, speaking, teaching, writing and authoring. Helping would be actively looking for ways to help people, and or children in this case. Listening and paying attention to what other people are saying and taking the time to understand the points being made. Listening to children’s needs when they are young is all they need. It gets them the support some of them may lack. They are finding things out in the world and they want to tell you so many things, but they just want you to listen to them. Managing your time with all different tasks is a struggle but important so that every task gets done when needed to be. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand complex written paragraphs, instructions, and/or reports. Reasoning and using logic to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative...
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