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Topics: Electrical impedance, Alternating current, RC circuit Pages: 5 (722 words) Published: February 26, 2013
|[pic] |United International University (UIU) | | |Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) | | |Course Outline | | |Course: EEE 103 Title: Electrical Circuits II Section B/C | | |Spring Trimester 2012 |

|Instructor |Omor Faruk Shoron, Lecturer, EEE (Room # 408) | | Cell |01730-445416 | | Email |shoron@eee.uiu.ac.bd | |Credit Hour |3 Credit hours, 3 hours/week | |Classes |Monday and Wednesday, 10:35am to 12:05pm | | |Monday and Wednesday, 4:55pm to 6:25pm | |Text Book |Introductory Circuit Analysis (10th Edition) | | |Robert L. Boyelstad | | |Pearson Prentice Hall | |Reference |Alternating Current Circuits (4th Edition) | | |Russel M. Kerchner & George F. Corcoran | | |John Willey & Sons | |Homework |Assignments will be given throughout the trimester and will be graded. Problems or questions in the homework may appear in | | |the exam. There will be at least n assignments (3≤n≤5). | |Class Test |There will be total n class tests (4≤n≤5). Each class test will be maximum 20 minutes long. The best 3 will be taken. | |Exams |Mid-terms and final exams will be closed book, closed note. The syllabus for mid-terms and final exam will be informed in due| | |time. There will be no grade exemptions from the final. | |Grading |The course grade will be determined from a weighted average of the class tests, home works, mid-term exams and the final. The| | |weights are as follows: | | | |Attendance and Class Participation |5% | | | |...
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