Election of Obama vs Romney

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My Views on the Election
In the upcoming presidential election, the standpoints on many topics are opposites. Mitt Romney is the Republican, and Barack Obama is the Democrat. Their views on three things are very drastically different: same-sex marriage, abortion, and immigration.

When it comes to same-sex marriage, Obama and Romney’s standpoints are very different. Obama has affirmed that he thinks same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Romney on the other hand, thinks that marriage should only be between a male and female. Romney has even got to the extent of making or supporting amendments that are against same-sex marriage.

When it comes to abortion, Romney and Obama’s overall opinion leads to the same outcome, but one’s opinion is stronger than the other’s. Obama believes strongly that abortion is a woman’s reproductive right, and it is the woman’s right to choose. Romney used to be a pro-life governor who did not want women to be able to have abortions, but more recently changed his views and has decided to allow abortion. Personally, he still states that he opposes abortion, but has become pro-choice.

Finally, another thing that these potential presidents differ on is immigration. Romney is more focused on building a border fence. He also said that he wants to get citizenship for those who have served in the United States Military and the children who were forced without consent. Gerber 2

Obama’s more focused on giving people thirty years of age or older citizenship, as long as they have either gotten a high school diploma or served in the United States Military.
While each of the candidates have points and beliefs that I agree with, if I was eighteen years old and able to vote at the upcoming election, my vote would be for Barack Obama. He seems to have good view points, a lot that are very similar to Mitt Romney, the thing that really pushed me over the edge on voting for Obama was his views on same-sex marriage. Personally, I am...
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